Conceptualisation of Global India Foundation is premised on promoting national resilience, economic prosperity, liberal values and principle of social commitment in national life. The Foundation would exemplify these values in its policies, priorities and programmes.

Over sixty years India faced adverse shocks in many forms and the country's resolve to meet the challenges has repeatedly been tested. Armed conflicts, political instability, economic crises and social unrests have been aplenty but India managed to navigate through the obstacles to achieve higher objectives in the long run. Indian national resilience has weathered challenges in the past but it needs to be fortified for the future.

As India embarks on the path of sustained development, it grapples with a challenging task of ensuring economic well-being for more than a billion people where a mere rise in GDP or flourishing trade and investment do not suffice. Zones of affluence and pockets of poverty may lead to discrepancies and pose challenges to the system from within. Economic prosperity with social commitment therefore, is a necessity.

Articulation of demands needs to be processed through commensurate channels and a transparent administrative response may actualise good governance. Liberal values are to be protected and nurtured so that the rights and freedoms of individuals are not undermined. There is also the need of revitalising the lasting bonds between the state and the citizen by making both sensible toward each other.

Indeed economic prosperity, social commitment and liberal values are coupled in an interdependent matrix of national resilience. The Global India Foundation will strive to enhance the spirit of Indianness through its projects and explore measures to strengthen national resilience in its entirety.