To be a Centre for research and learning in order to promote liberal values, economic prosperity and social commitment by enhancing the spirit of Indianness and by exploring and enriching measures to strengthen national resilience.

To cherish the key objective of India leading the march towards a safer planet and setting the benchmark and standards in the developing world by fostering innovation, inclusiveness, sustainability, knowledge and skills-all of which cumulatively add to enhance India's ability in leading the world to tackle emerging threats.

To work towards the goal of projecting a contemporary new-look India to the world essentially by Track-II techniques/people-to-people contacts and through dissemination of research-based knowledge.

To improve the quality of public policy debate in the country by bringing together policy makers, theoreticians, practitioners and academia in a sustained interactive mode.

To undertake necessary activities, ranging from conducting analytical research and facilitation and providing a platform for debate, to informal bridge-building among diverse views, with the aim of suggesting relevant policy measures.

To research, analyse and disseminate the essential elements of disparate dimensions of India's overall growth and security concerns and to delve into interconnected matters covering a wide area and multiple issues, including:

- National Security issues-covering traditional and non-traditional aspects and conventional and non-conventional means involving risk assessment and opportunity windows of India as a rising geopolitical player;

-Global Relations-bilateral, multilateral and institutional in multi-dimensional prospective-balancing risks and opportunities;

-Economic Development and Growth-countering international and domestic challenges-best utilisation of indigenous and foreign resources; harnessing technology for profitable growth and diminishing poverty; strengthening the human resources base in health and education.

-Good Governance, Nation-building and Civil Society-impinging on domestic stability, national potency and synergy as well as a global democracy regime involving sharpening skills and performance management;

-Global Commons/Transnational Concerns-Complex humanitarian emergencies, international conflict resolution, protecting and sustaining natural systems and suggesting measures for minimising the disruption of normal ecosystem, human life and its interdependent components by disease, pollution and natural disasters.