Higher Education in the NER: Current Situation and the Initiatives Adopted

By Ms. Sudhiti Naskar

The North Eastern Region of India makes headlines for countless insurgencies and ethnic battles, although it would hardly represent the series of varied issues these states need to address. Education, which is one of the core features of any state or country's infrastructure, is inadequate in these states. Every year hundreds and thousands of students have to go out of their homes to other states in the country to be able to achieve standard higher education (HE). While it is a matter of pride for any institute to have students from different corners of the country, the trend itself points out to the fact that the existing colleges in some regions are failing to fulfill the academic and professional aspirations of the young scholars in their region. Detailed paper


Why Education Is an Answer to India's North Eastern Region

Ms. Sudhiti Naskar

Back in 2005, Prime Minster Dr. Manmohan Singh laid bare his vision about India's North East, that he outlined at the East Asia Summit – which stressed over looking North East to have a beefed up trade interactions between the ASEAN countries by opening up strategic channels and highways internationally and developing the region in question "as a major manufacturing and redistribution hub". Detailed paper