Till recently, domestic constrains imposed by the socio-economic imperatives faced by an emerging and devel economic or military superiority, and the preocupation of the developed world with the cold war have restrict ability to be an influential global player. Within these limitations, we have, by and large, managed to uphold our withouit making many compromises.Today, the situation is completely different. An emerging economy, strong conventional forcesand acknowledged nuclear capability and our ability to influence international affairs has been recognised by the world at large, and the major powers in particular.

The Global India Foundation is visualised as a medium to ensure that our efforts towards these ends are appropriately channelized and a multi pronged strategy with a calibrated approach is adopted to fully realise India's potential.

Conceived by a diverse group of professionals including retired Civil Servants, Service Officers, Businessmen and Academia, the Foundation is an initiative to contribute in India's efforts to realise its aspirations of playing a meaningful and constructive role in regional and global affairs and promote international interdepandance. The Global India Foundation will strive to enhance the spirit of Indianness through its projects and explore measures to strengthen national resilience in its various facets . The Foundation has a permanent establishment and research staff to support its objectives and provide dynamic outputs in long term perspective planning and research.



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